MINO-_0005_IRDL - ID

Institute for Research on Digital Learning logo and website design. IRDL : The Institute for Research on Digital Learning has a broad mandate to engage in systematic inquiry, discussion, and information sharing related to the uses of technology in teaching and learning by encouraging schools, government, and industry to provide collaborative, multidisciplinary approaches to research […]

Bringing the Cloud into the Classroom


Research report design. The “Bringing the Cloud into the Classroom” report was designed for The Council of Ontario Directors of Education (CODE). The report is a formative evaluation of the use of cloud computing in three school districts in Ontario. The 100 page report was made available to directors, the Ministry of Education, and School […]

Level UP


Conference identity design, digital and print promotional materials. The ABEL Summer Institute is an annual conference for educators interested in advancing their knowledge of learning technologies. The theme of the 2013 conference was “LevelUP” and the conference identity played on the theme of navigating a vast space (ocean) of digital tools. The project included identity […]