Pedagogical Documentation

MINO-_0010_PedDoc - ID

A virtual space for fostering connections amongst practitioners of pedagogical documentation. Canadian educators are becoming increasingly aware of the growing possibilities of pedagogical documentation to reveal the emotional, social, physical, and intellectual capacities of young children. The use of pedagogical documentation is inspired by the educators of Reggio Emilia, Italy in their approach to early […]


MINO-_0012_Vi3P - 1

Visual identity and website design for All I’s On Education: Imagination, Integration, Innovation. Vi3P is both a research and professional development project that is currently taking place in ten Ontario school boards. The focus of the project is on developing new conversations about how the teaching and learning in math, science and the arts can be […]


MINO-_0014_SIM -ID

Visual identity and website for System Implementation and Monitoring K-12. SIM K-12 provides a forum for sharing and dialogue by educators across Ontario, as schools and districts move towards high levels of student achievement; reduced gaps in student achievement; and high levels of public confidence in public education. This site aims to provide Ontario educators with information […]

Bringing the Cloud into the Classroom


Research report design. The “Bringing the Cloud into the Classroom” report was designed for The Council of Ontario Directors of Education (CODE). The report is a formative evaluation of the use of cloud computing in three school districts in Ontario. The 100 page report was made available to directors, the Ministry of Education, and School […]