The visual identity and website for Refiguring Innovation in Games. ReFiG is a 5 year project supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Composed of an international collective of scholars, community organizers and industry representatives, ReFiG is committed to promoting diversity and equity in the game industry and culture and effecting real […]


MINO-_0002_CGSA - ID

Canadian Game Studies Association logo and website design. Canadian Game Studies Association is an organization dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of digital games. Its primary goal to support the work of Canadian researchers, graduate students, artists, game desginer, programmers, theorists, and other working in this field. The logo designed for CGSA emulates the qualities and […]


MINO-_0012_Vi3P - 1

Visual identity and website design for All I’s On Education: Imagination, Integration, Innovation. Vi3P is both a research and professional development project that is currently taking place in ten Ontario school boards. The focus of the project is on developing new conversations about how the teaching and learning in math, science and the arts can be […]


MINO-_0014_SIM -ID

Visual identity and website for System Implementation and Monitoring K-12. SIM K-12 provides a forum for sharing and dialogue by educators across Ontario, as schools and districts move towards high levels of student achievement; reduced gaps in student achievement; and high levels of public confidence in public education. This site aims to provide Ontario educators with information […]

The Art of Experience

MINO-_0008_Art of Experiece - ID

Narrative community website for person-centered care practitioners. The Art of Experience is a Narrative community website for person-centered care practitioners. The website includes activities for auto/biographical exploration of experience with nurses, students, teachers and patients. The project included logo design and website design.

Level UP


Conference identity design, digital and print promotional materials. The ABEL Summer Institute is an annual conference for educators interested in advancing their knowledge of learning technologies. The theme of the 2013 conference was “LevelUP” and the conference identity played on the theme of navigating a vast space (ocean) of digital tools. The project included identity […]