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MiNo Creative is a design studio dedicated to social good, using the impact of visual communication to further objectives of the projects we engage with. The design philosophy of MiNo Creative is to present new ways of seeing reality. To look at what is with fresh eyes and to transform the way things are through a direct perception of reality. Only through seeing things as they are can the possibility of transformation emerge—a transformation that is not merely a redecoration of the past but a transformation of humanity that embodies the eternally new. That is what we call incredibly perceptive design.

What can you expect from MiNo? To think creatively, to look afresh at what is normally taken for granted, to ask questions and to provoke. To design a visual language and identity specific to the cause you are working for. To develop communication to reach your intended audience. To care about your cause [almost] as much as you do. To work alongside you until we make what it is you need in the form that you envision, and share it with other people who wouldn’t have imagined it.

As global citizens we bear the responsibility of creating a better world. Visual communication is a powerful starting point for inspiring change. Contact MiNo Creative to realize the change you want to see in the world.


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